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January 2015 – Choir Reflections…

… you may have noticed that more and more Christian churches, whether they be Anglican or of other denominations, no longer feature a Sunday choir.  In recent conversations with friends who attend other churches, I learned that they only have a choir for Christmas or Easter.  This is sad.  Choirs sing better when they sing together regularly.  There is extreme beauty in the coming together of the vocal parts: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, being the four major ones.  Composers wrote the moving hymns and anthems for the different vocal parts as well as for the accompanying musical instruments. Each vocal part is part of a single chord of music.  When sung accurately the chord comes alive and only “one voice” will be heard.  This is the highest aim for any choir … to be heard as one voice!  This is true beauty and joy for us!
St. Peter’s Church Choir serves at the Traditional Eucharist Sunday Service (8.30am)
May your day be blessed with music!
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