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2016 Children’s Day Celebration



Children are Gifts from God!

Ladies Workshop


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Update: Love Blanket

To date we have done 55 blankets (60 pieces towards June 2016).

Thank you to all who have contributed in donation, time and commitment to each piece of the blanket and most importantly, your prayers.

May God bless the hearts of those who will be receiving the blanket.

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Ladies Workshop


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Women using their gifts ……to share their gifts

Come, join us!!

Ladies Workshop, Level 2 (Cana Room)

Every Wednesday 1.30pm to 4.00pm


Care Groups


Care Group Leaders (please contact them in church or call the church office to find out their contact numbers):

Philip & Jennifer Hu

Daniel Davidson

Wong Ai Luen

Maggie Kiong & Helen Ong

Ibrahim Champion & Nora Champion

Ricky & Anne Tan

Alice Defoe & Annie Phang

Young Adults: Patricia Huang & Olivier Tan

The Ladies’ Workshop


Update: Love Blanket
To date we have done 55 blankets (60 pieces towards June 2016)
Thank you to all who have contribute in donation, time and commitment to each piece of the blanket and most importantly your orayers.
May God bless the hearts of those who will be teceiving the blanket.

Praise and thank God for all the ladies (15-20), who serve and take delight in craft-making and coming together every Wednesday from 1.30pm to 4pm – whether they are sewing on a button, shortening the hems of their clothes or doing their own needlework, sharing ideas, fellowship, and above all, sharing the love of God.


There are inspiring and interesting projects that would include something for everyone – whatever her experience. Whether you are an absolute beginner, an experienced stiticher or someone keen to renew rusty skills, come join us, and work together with us.

If you passed by our church recently you would have seen our Ladies Workshop Banner hung along the fence along Tavistock Avenue

banner 2013

We have a story to tell to the Nation – sewing patchwork blankets

(100 pieces for year 2016):


… handmade crafts for our annual handicraft sale at MyVillage, Serangoon Gardens


Our Young Adults


Regular Youth/Young Adults Weekly MeetUps

What better way to spend a Saturday Afternoon then in the midst of Brothers and Sisters in Christ!!!

Praise & Worship // Studying the Word of God // Lively Discussions //  Prayer for one another // Fun-filled Activities

Games 2
Floor Ball

Come Join us for a Rejuvenating and Enriching Session in the Presence of the Lord:


1st & 3rd Sat of the Month:

Sharing from Anointed Church Elder

5pm onwards
Sports (Floor ball, Basketball, Badminton, Soccer, Volleyball, etc)

2nd & 4th Sat of the Month:

Cell Study on the Book of Matthew

5pm onwards
Games and Bonding time with One Another

Young Adults Upcoming 2015 Events
Come Join Us for a Year of Fun-filled, Exciting Events with:

1) Hiking with Sunset Viewing –  April

2) Cycling Trip at Pulau Ubin – July

3) Mussel Digging & Cooking Competition – Oct

mussel digging
pulau ubin

Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming events or visit our Facebook Page for more updates!!!


The Choir



Our choir has come a long way. It went through various seasons and has matured into a more formal grouping of dedicated church members – all completely voluntary. Our choral directors are usually students from the Singapore Bible College, working towards their degree in Church Music and as part of their field training and exposure spend about 2 years with the choir, sharing their knowledge and skills in music and voice practical education

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