Tithes & Offerings – Bank information and QR Code

St. Peter’s Church now offers electronic fund transfers for your tithes, offerings and donations via:

(a) Online bank transfer to:
Bank: OCBC bank
Account number: 551-024458-001
Note: Please indicate the purpose of the giving and your tithe number in the space provided for comments.

(b) Your bank’s mobile phone app, either,

Scan the QR code* below with “Scan & Pay” / “QR Pay” and enter the amount or,
Manually via “Pay Now” to St. Peter’s Church UEN: T08CC4083A

The other usual methods are still welcome:

1) Putting cash and cheques into the offertory bags/boxes during normal services. Tithing envelopes are available to facilitate this.

2) Mailing cheques to the following address:

Attn: Church Secretary
St. Peter’s Church
1 Tavistock Avenue
Singapore 555104

Kindly indicate the purpose of your giving and your tithe number.