St. Peter’s Church
St. Peter’s Church is a parish of the
Anglican Diocese of Singapore.

Every member a growing disciple of Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement:
Fulfilling the Great Commandment and
Great Commission.

The Diocese of Singapore

Bishop of Singapore
The Most Revd Dr Titus Chung

Assistant Bishop
The Rt Revd Low Jee King

Archdeacon of Singapore
Venerable Daniel Wee

Archdeacon of Community Service
Venerable Wong Tak Meng

Office Staff

Revd Michael Teh

Pastoral-Admin Staff
Ps Cheryl Tan

Pastoral Staff
Ps Kenneth Fong

Associate Chaplain
Ps Sheryl Cheong

St. Peter’s in Serangoon Gardens (SPSG) belongs to the Anglican Diocese of Singapore. Consecrated in 1956, our parish has a long history in the Serangoon and Ang Mo Kio area.

The original building was completed in June 1957 at the present site in Serangoon Garden Way (the foundation stone was laid on 22 December 1956). It was completely rebuilt in 2001. During the 16-month rebuilding period the church services were held at the nearby Serangoon Gardens Country Club auditorium.

Long before the laying of the foundation stone on 22 December 1956 and the consecrating of the Church building in 1957, there was a nucleus of Christians meeting and worshipping in homes in Serangoon Gardens. As the community of faith grew, it was eventually decided to build a church, followed by a hall at a later date.

Innumerable people, clerical and lay men and women, have faithfully served God as members of St. Peter’s Parish. Amongst them we can mention Canon Gnanasihamani, the Reverends Walden Pell, Luke Ooi, Michael Counsell, John Timmins, Kenneth Franklin, Deaconess Collier, Miss Rodgers, Miss Felicity Foster-Carter and many others. But the strength of St. Peter’s has always lain in its members who quietly and humbly respond to God’s call day by day.

Like many of the Anglican Parish Churches in Singapore, St. Peter’s is a product of the vision and outward-looking policy of St. Andrew’s Cathedral. Although St. Peter’s has been an independent parish since 1966, we are glad to acknowledge the Cathedral as our Mother-Church and to express our gratitude to her.

In 1969, a two-storey church hall was opened. It was used for our Sunday School, social and business meetings, and it housed the parish office. On weekdays, the ground floor was made available for an educationally sub-normal school (E.S.N.).

Following the opening of the hall, the former parish office (attached to the church) was converted into a small chapel. We held weekday services here, and it was open 24 hours a day for private prayer. The Blessed Sacrament was reserved in an aumbry.

In 1999, a new three-storey church building was built. It houses the worship Sanctuary on the third floor, a cozy chapel on the second floor, and a multi-purpose parish hall on the first floor.

The future contains great opportunities for St. Peter’s. The Church building is situated on the boundary between Serangoon Garden Estate (a private housing estate) and the Ang Mo Kio Estate of government high-rise blocks of flats. A train station, Tavistock MRT Station, is scheduled to be opened in 2030 just beside the church, making St. Peter’s Church even more accessible.

We pray that, through us, God will bless those around us, especially the dispossessed and vulnerable, to experience His love and grace as we minister in this parish.

Contact Details

1 Tavistock Avenue Singapore 555104 (Serangoon Gardens)

Telephone: +65 6281 0145


Tuesday to Friday: 9am to 5pm

Saturday: 9am to 1pm

Sunday: Office closed for church service

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The Church

Welcome to St Peter’s Church!

St. Peter’s in Serangoon Gardens (SPSG) belongs to the Anglican Diocese of Singapore. Consecrated in 1956, our parish has a long history in the Serangoon and Ang Mo Kio area. We warmly welcome all who wish to attend our services, wherever you may hail from.

St. Peter’s Church
1 Tavistock Avenue
Singapore 555104

Telephone: +65 6281 0145